Pony Midi set

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The basic variation of the construction set which entered the market as the first out of the three current variations. It was a trial product which was so successful in our country and also abroad, that we decided to create another types of construction sets – PONY Mini and PONY 02. For example a tricycle, a scooter, a PONY horse, a cart, a crane, a mill, an engine and other toys can be created from the construction set PONY 01, which are bigger than toys from PONY Mini. They are bearing enough for children´s riding and rollicking according to their taste.

You can start with theconstruction set PONY 01, you can buy it as the first type of this construction set, you will definitely manage to build all the assembles without any problems. Not only this type is intended both for boys and also girls.
Each construction set includes a catalogue, where are depicted single instructions and assembles which you can assemble from PONY 01 – if children are starting with the construction set, they might need some help from an adult at the beginning, but later they will manage to build everything on their own. When they run out of instructions, they can use their fantasy and build some interesting and bigger toy than from PONY Mini. PONY 01 can be supplemented with all other types of the construction set thanks to its universality.

Let´s go into it!!!

Number of parts in the construction set:

trabecula – 24 pieces
connecting rod – 26 pieces
pulley wheel – 1 piece
small wheel – 4 pieces
peg – 60 pieces
wooden hammer – 1 piece
shake-out rod – 2 pieces
rope – 6 m
rubber – 0.75 m
Total number of parts in the construction set = 118 pieces + rope + rubber

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Afmetingen40.5 × 26.5 × 9.5 cm
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