Pony set maxi

 280.00  140.00 incl. BTW

Bouw een stoel en ga zitten.
Of een vliegtuig, of een loopfiets.



You will obviously build all the same things from this construction set as from the previous types and moreover for example a plane, a robot, a car and others. Other advantages are for example a big backrest on the cart or a comfortable seat on the scooter. If you have already read the basic information about the previous types of the construction sets PONY, we don´t have to mention here that the toys are big and bearing enough for children´s rollicking.

You don´t have any of the construction sets PONY yet? It doesn´t matter, you can buy PONY maxi as the first type. Moreover, it consists of double number of parts compared to PONY midi, so toys assembled from it are really bigger and children can use them together, if they are smaller, or individually, if they are bigger.

Each construction set includes a catalogue, where are depicted single instructions and assembles which you can assemble from PONY maxi. Children will also use their fantasy and creativity here, even in a bigger range than with the other types of the construction sets PONY. This type of construction sets comprises a really big amount of parts. If PONY maxi is already not enough for you, do not hesitate to invest into other types of the construction set, thanks to its universality it is possible to combine all the parts mutually.

So the only thing is left to do. Use your fantasy and do your best building!!!

Number of parts in the construction set:

trabecula – 51 pieces
connecting rod – 50 pieces
pulley wheel – 2 pieces
small wheel – 4 pieces
large wheel – 2 pieces
peg – 70 pieces
wooden hammer – 1 piece
shake-out rod – 2 pieces
rope – 8 m
rubber – 1 m
Total number of parts in the construction set = 182 pieces + rope + rubber

Extra informatie

Gewicht6 kg
Afmetingen47 × 35.5 × 9.5 cm
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  1. Nathalie

    Laat je niet misleiden door de ouderwetse een saaie doos, deze set is FANTASTISCH

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